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hello everyone some of you may know my situation with workers comp and how they did a three level laminectomy for one pinched nerve at l3 and that fixed the sharp shooting pain in my legs but my back was, still is in severe pain. i have two other surgeons and said i was schedueling the 3 level tlif fusion on jan 6th. oh the name is tim, well i went to comp doctor on jan 6th and he said happy new year and hope this year is better for you then last, i said well im still in so much pain. now he sent me for a emg, nerve test and said whatever the results come back as im done helping you. he said so whats up how you feeling, i said well the test you sent me for is negative and the doc who did the test said that my nervers are 100 percent healthy. the comp doctor said well i knew that it would be. yet he was the one who kept saying you waited to long to have it fixed and your pain is caused by nerve damage, wronggggggggg.... i then said to him oh i have something for you to look at, he said what, i said this discography and ct. i said im not being treated by other doctors but i want to get other opinions. he looked at the discography report and the discography photos but did not look at the cat scan that i told him about 3 times during the visit. he says well you are always going to have some pain. i said listen you take me very lightly and you look at my age (28) and say well hell live. i then went off i said listen i cant have sex with my wife half the time, i cant play with my children, all i do is lay around the house due to all the pain im in, its tearing my family and marriage to pieces. he then says well i know about the discs that are ddd and causing your pain but the question is due we want to go to the next level and fuse??? he said i think you would be trading in your disc pain for a different pain. now he has a live surgery webcast and i saw it about 26 times and wrote down everything he was saying. he says that the surgery is not for someone with a back ache but for someone with disabling pain who wants to try and get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle. i said well thats me and i need to get fixed if there is a .000001 percent chance that i will be .00001 percrent better or have the slightest bit of pain relief then i want to take that chance, i cant live like this. he then says well your very young and i dont know if i want to take that chance. i was so pi%%%d and he says well ill send you to another surgeon just to get his opinion, because if im going to fuse you i want a second opinion for my piece of mind. little does he know that he will be the last person that would ever operate on me again. before i saw him today the nurse took some xrays, i think he really wanted to send me back to work today. also the whole time ive been seeing him he says that the discs are not the problem they look bad but its not the problem its nerve damage, now i have proof its not and all of a sudden he new about the problem and that this was causing my pain. that same day the 6th of jan i went to go see my orthopedic surgeon who sent me for the discography that i got a bill for 5000.00 because my insurance wont pay do to workers comp accident. he asked me whats going on, because he has been trying to help me from day one. i told him what the comp doctor said, he said he is a jerk and why would he have done a 3 level laminectomy on you you did not need that, he said im not sure if he got lost or what. he then said let me see the cat scan and discography. he said look at these discs the nucleus or stuff on the inside just pours out, these discs l4/l5 are shot. i then asked can you look at this xray because im no doctor but the l5 vertebra and the si does nopt look lined up? he said its not just there, where the comp doc did the laminectomy(3level) it now has become unstable and the pain you are feeling in back, butt, and legs is coming from the discs and the vertebra. he then said so where do you stand now??? 6 months ago he was going to do a posterior fusion and i said i cant because i need an income and workers comp will cut me off and my insurance wont pay, he even said to me then that dont worry about the bill ill go after workers comp ill do it for free until i get payed from wcomp. i still couldnt because i needed an income and asked the comp surgeon if the laminectomy did not fix or help my back pain would he look further into it?, he said yes that he would not play it down or blame it on scar tissue, so i figured that ill try that and if it doesnt work then hell fix me, wronggggg. well anyway back to the point, i told my doc on the 6th that i know that comp is not going to fix me and the only thing that will happen is stalling and more time off from work and school and that i dont want that and i want to take the chance of getting my life back you have know idea how i feel everyday and then in the morning i cant move, i am getting so depressed over this, and i trust you so much and feel that my best chance of recovering is to have you perform the surgery. since the first day with my doc i trusted him and heard alot of people that i did not know say good things about him. he then preceeded to explain, he said you know the operation i was going to do before? i said yes, he says well it has changed know and it has because of the comp 3 level laminectomy, he said besides your discs your spine is instable and i have to fix that now to. so i have to do a 2 level 360 lumbar fusion. i wanted to cry isaid do it i cant take it anymore, and schedualed it for feb 13th, but im going to call monday and get an earlier date.i know comp is going to stop benefits and ill be in a jam but i filed for state social security to help very little but i have know choice, i mean if comp doc does approve fusion he will not fix the instability and he messed me up in the first place so what im suppossed to let him mess me up again??? it is all about money and the kick backs these docs get from the insurance carrieirs and they dont care about you. i wish they would understand, i even told the comp doc that i might only be 28 years old but i feel thats all the more reason to try at least ill have my youth. comp says the ajacent level can come degenerative and lead to further surgery and pain, i said well if it buys me some years of my youth and my childrens youth then its worth it. well sorry this is so long but i wanted to explain situation for those of you who dont know it. i looked up poterior fusions and recover and pain levels etc.. i finally semi got brave and got over the surgery fear, well now im going in for a more complicated surgery 4-5 hours(the anterior and posterior 360 lumbar fusion) and wanted to KNOW IF ANY OF YOU GUYS KNOW HOW LONG ILL BE IN THE HOSPITAL, I HEARD ABOUT 2-3 DAYS, WILL I HAVE TO USE A WALKER, I DIDNT USE ONE AFTER LAMINECTOMY, WHAT IS THE PAIN LIKE AFTER, WILL I NEED MY WIFE HOME AFTER AND FOR HOW LONG, WILL THE ORAL PAIN MEDS AT HOME BE STRONG, WILL I BE ABLE TO GET A TEMPORARY CASHIERS JOB IN A FEW WEEKS TO HELP WITH THE BILLS, JUST WHATEVER EXPERIANCES THAT ANYONE CAN SHARE WITH ME WILL BE APPRECIATED. OH HELLO CHARLIE CAT AND TERRI HAVE NOT WROTE YOU IN A WHILE... :confused:

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