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[QUOTE=zephyrqueen]I have a major problems with my left shoulder. You haven't mentioned anything other than your work that could be causing your shoulder problem. Do you do anything outside of work such as any kind of sports? The reason I'm asking is because it could be due to a sports injury that you are unaware of. Like a repetitive type injury. It would be very UNUSUAL for it to be carpul tunnel syndrome, since you are describing the pain up under your scapula. Do you remember any type of injury to your shoulder that you can remember? All this would be helpful. If it persists, I'd suggest making an appointment with a doctor.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your reply!

Running program. I have been running during this time as well, and was running the previous time I've been sitting like this. You know maybe I'm swinging my right arm out a little off? I'm often checking my form when I run indoors, but I suppose it could be an issue.

I should note that this past week I bothered to spend some time checking it out in the mirror, as I noticed a couple weeks back that my right trapezius seems to pop-up distinctly higher then my left (when I have my hands clapsed out in front of me, about solar plexus level two feet out). Well I went to investigate why and noticed my right scapula, bottom inner corner, sticks out my back much further then my left (when the left and right trapezius are at different levels). I have to squirm around a bit in the mirror to get my left and right sides to match, but I don't seem to do it naturally, that is, everytime I have to spend a minute or two adjusting and re-aligning myself through the mirror.

Actually, now that I think of it further about 1 1/2 years back I was given a demonstration where a self-defense instructor pinned me to the ground on my left side by twisting my right arm/wrist back. Wow, now that I think of it further my right wrist has an issue when I do tricep extensions (holding a dumbell above me head, palms up, dividing the weight between both arms). But I've been having this back issue much previous then any weight training I've been doing, and I don't have any pain in my back during or particularly after my sessions either, I would guess that the wrist issue was brought about by the demonstration, I know my left arm had a popping sound when I rotated my wrist (I fell to the ground and braced myself with it) for a couple weeks, which I did get checked out but told it wasn't and issue and to just work through it (keep rotating it). And the scapula/back pain issue could have been aggravated by it.

Can't think of anything else, never been treated/hospitalized for any similiar issues. I'm trying to collect, do, and record as much as I can before seeing a doc as I figure I could save quite a bit of money if I go in a bit more prepared instead of being told to keep a log book and return a couple weeks later, or have x-rays done for something I know isn't the issue (not to say I would be better informed then a Dr.). Thanks again.


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