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symptoms are terribly painful, especially waking up.
I recently had gone to a few chiropractor appointments for back pain and readjustment and it went well. Recently however I slept on a pillow , under my hip, on my bed wrong one night and started getting terrible pains in my left glute and outer hip worse. I lost power to my left leg and it pinches nerves like crazy when i move wrong, this is leading to insomnia and well more pain. I walked around the house with a shoe on my right foot one morning and it felt normal, and well also I lifted my left leg up and bent it inward on the bathroom counter and it totally eliminates pinched sciatic nerve pain and discomfort. Anyone know if this is a back or hip and leg problem? I also , to move around during day, when driving, have to leanback in my car like a rap star in a silly music video to drive comfortably.
I have a reclining bucket seat and it elleviates the sciatic pain.
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated on my condition,
Thnk you board,
Don-NY. :confused:

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