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Those are all factual and encouraging replies, thanks so much for the info. fellow board members .
[b]Yes , I was told of the mattress, good tip, there's a board under my mattress where I've been laying in one position throughout the night. Maybe if I go in depth here a bit more it might shed some light on a possible recovery and well [b](another chiro adjustment?) [/b]
Dunno just yet but, I have been sleeping on my stomach so my back doesn't go out, which helps. The pinch is sever if I lay on my back for more than an hour and I grunt and groan from the pain when it gets pinched. Also I'm taking in consideration an easier position to get to my feet when I have to wake up, so I don't want to put myself in a tuff spot to have to pinch and go through tremendous amounts of pain when waking up. This also aggravates the sciatic and takes longer to calm down, and well puts me in shakes sometimes. I can endure pain pretty good, I played hockey and ran alot before this, but when this happened I wasn't as athletically fit as I was four months ago. Anyway, what I'm observing is I'm waking up because my hips are making my back (tighten stiff) crunch up to one side making my entire posture crab-like in the morning. It's tightening to the left despite my favoring the right side, and avoiding the pinches and pain if I was to let it go to the left. After I'm on my feet for five or ten minutes, after standing crooked using the bathroom i do a stretch of my left leg the problem side to loosen up enough, then by, leaning crouched over a bit I can slowly move my spine Or (upper portion) over to the right but it seems it's fighting to get by a pop or some kind of resistance getting to leaning to the right. The reason I try to get to the right is because; simple-it avoids pinching the sciatic as much and is the only way I can sit sometimes and not get the left sciatic and butt side in severe pain...
I was at the chiropractic health center yesterday and he could only do the left adjustment because I couldn't lay my left side . They put me through motion tests and concluded it was soley the hip, an isolated problem from the back but if so, I noted a slight tingling, burning, with gnawing pain in the very lower back. I'm wondering if the back still is playing an over-all role in this?
The they said my mechanics of my right side is causing pain in the left too. But basically the left glute entire is causing the sciatic to aggravate and that's tuff on me. I never had this before, I have had lower back problems in the past but they were treated and I got relief the same day or day after in when it happened. I'm very flexible and rotate my hips alot and well, when I'm not having back problems I can flex pretty good, I used to go to the gym alot, wondering if the gym is still out of the question being in the condtion I am in?
Sometimes this matches the pain of a broekn bone I swear it is close!

Another thing he said if It don't improve today he will take x-rays. I'm avoiding MRI if necessary because of the cost and my insurance situation at this time.
Also when moving my left leg, the problem side there is a series of little pops sometimes when lowering the leg from my stretch position frm the top of the femur and the inside hip. This being after a hot shower and stretching out. I will lobby for the x-rays today I'm sure.
[b]Also is the chiropractic clinics that do hands on studies for students better or not as good as a private practitioner? Or does it not matter?[/b]
Thanks for the prayers when I recover I will devote time after this to helping people with problems cause I now know the pain I have been goingt hrough and will say more of my efforts and duties to all when I get through this.
G-d Bless, and thanks for prayers. Looking forward to more great replies and inforation on this, if anyone has had this please get ahld of me here or in pm message, great.

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