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I am looking for experiences with the above disc problems...mine are mild to moderate bulges, that 4 years ago had been full herniations with a floating fragment. Five months ago I started with leg pain, some hip pain etc. I gave up running, continued strecthcing. When it got worse I took prendisone. It began to resove and then one day I awoke and was unable to walk. MRI showed IMPROVEMENT over four years ago, fragment gone, bulges lessened. After a week of excruciating pain I had spinal injection, then another. I was walking, getting better, starting mild exercise (elliptical trainer, walking),p/t exercises. Within 6 weeks I relapsed just as badly. Had another injection at a deeper and different site. GOt better. Went more slowly back to exercise. Was totally symtom free (all nerve symtoms, foot drop gone, full strength returned). Began vigorous walking, elliptical, isometrics, sit ups. Now, 8 weeks after last injection and after beginning more activity, I am back in pain. THe pain is less sever than before. I can walk, but am not leaving the house. My whole life is thrown into turmoil...all my plans are on hold.

Is it true that I just need to do less for longer to heal...does it reallyh take months to heal? Or am I just putting off the inevtiable and curative surgery?

(Did see neurosurgeon after second flare up, but he said that since i was improving he recommended against surgery at that time.)

ANy ideas or experiences that might be helpful?
I'm no expert but I think you may be doing too much too soon. I had a M_D on L4/L5 3 months ago, and although I can walk rapidly for about two miles a day, I have to wear insoles to absorb the shock and my doctor has told me not to do anything more physical for 12 months. After that, I can run on grass but not on roads. I know that you havent had surgery, and if your MRI shows no herniations its only a neurosurgeon who can really give you advise on that, but I would suggest giving yourself more time to heal, especially if your nerves were impinged whilst you had herniation. Good luck.

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