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This is what I understand a movement instructor to be:

As we do things in life, move the right way or the wrong way, our minds memorize them. For instance, when we sit, are we using the correct posture? Or when we type, it is amazing how we learn the keyboards and it comes to us automatically, but if we switch to a split keyboard, it is a slight adjustment, but in time, our minds change and we learn it as well.

So, if your body hurts because of a way that your body has learned to move, then perhaps, it needs to relearn movement patterns. They do this with brain or stroke injury patients.

I know that I had bad posture and had to re-learn how to sit. I find myself going back to my old ways when I feel the pain.

So, I guess that the movement person watches the way that you move and retrains you in the correct manner. Or, maybe they show you completely new ways to move that accomodate for things that you can't do any longer.

Since the ESI's didn't work, something is continuing to cause you inflammation. But, with the leg pain, I would have to think that your sciatic nerve is involved.

There are ways of solving things before any surgery should even be considered. I find, as consumers, and that is what we are when we look towards health care, we need to actually find solutions and then take them to the health care professionals. Bounce idea off of them. Doctors do two things, cut and prescribe. For three years now, I have found alternative ways to deal with my pain other than cutting and meds. I still have pain, but not to the degree that it was. I did have some minor cutting done, but only to cut loose some trigger points that were restraining my muscle movement and causing my muscle to atrophy. (episacral cysts)

I would see the surgeon, but them explore other options.

During the last visit to the Osteopath, he suggested ice rather than heat. I tried it and it worked for an hour or two. So, I too, think that part of my problem is inflammation but my main problem is muslce related and loves heat treatment.

Since sitting is very hard on the back, is there any way that you can squat or find one of those chairs where you lean forward onto it? sitting is very hard for me also. I can lean back, recliners being great for me, or walking but not standing. I never bend over for any reason unless I can stick one leg out when I do it. What depresses me the most is that I had to give up sewing as when working at the sewing machine, you have to sit straight up.

Make a list, make sure to be complete. I took three days to make my list.

Also, you might try EMDR or it might be EMBR. It is a treatment that a PHD or psych does to release the trauma of the injury. It worked great for me in that I no longer tense up, which was part of my pain. Well worth the money.

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