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My MRI report did not mention my grade 2 spondy either so I too was ignored by my PCP (it can't POSSIBLY be causing you that much pain) and PT (who was probably doing more harm than good, treating me for a herniated disc instead of the real problem), and was told I had DDD, a normal part of aging, so deal with it! Once I showed the xray radiology report to the PT, my treatment plan was TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

I agree you need to have someone else read your films - I took mine to my chiropractor and got more info in the 30 minutes spent there than the 3 months prior being "treated" by the experts... . And don't expect a QME to have your best interests at heart, I had an IME (not comp related) and was told I was fully capable of doing things I would not even THINK of doing with my back problems (all of them related to a [I]very[/I] physical job).

If you do have an unstable spondy (checked with a series of flexion/extension X-rays), the very act of standing will pinch those nerves off even more (by causing the vertebrae to slide forward further, causing more pain, pinching and numbness). Like Tsohl, I was told surgery was my ONLY option to fix it as once it gets past a certain point, it won't go back with PT and core conditioning.

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