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[QUOTE=nanatothesixth]This may sould ridiculous or stupid to you, but, have you thought of hypnosis? A good hypnotist can work with pain management. A back injury can take its toll on a person emotionally. Some anti-depressants worak as pain medication as well working on the depression. As far as massage therapy, was it swedish massage or deep tissue massage? Have you seen a spine specialist? If not, try to find one in your area and make an appointment with them. I know at times it is difficult, but try to stay positive. Good luck to you and do keep everyone here posted.[/QUOTE]

Hey thanks for responding! :wave: To be quite honest, I have not thought about hypnosis, nor would I ever consider it. I understand that it may work for SOME people who have things such as [b]unexplained[/b] pain that won't go away, but everyone knows the reason for mine, there is still an INJURY, yet they just don't know how to fix it. My thinking is, "Well, if you can't fix it, at least give me something to dull the pain when it gets REALLY bad." I have a very high pain tolerance, in my opinion anyway, because it takes a lot to withstand sinus infections every three weeks for years and years (I've been dealing with that since I was 6). I can tolerate this back pain most of the time, but around mid-terms, which consisted of sitting over writing for 5 hours a day, four days in a row, and when I was out of school for 2 weeks straight (from a sinus infection) and had to make up the work over ONE weekend, my back can't take that kind of strain.

All things considered, I am in VERY high spirits. I've never been depressed either, and I'm not now, which is why I'm slightly perturbed with the though of going on antidepressants. I think that doctors are too eager to prescribe antidepressants and SSRIs in general. I had an allergist, yes an ALLERGIST, try to put me on Zoloft for sinus infections/allergies before. :nono: A few weeks later, another allergist told me that I had one of the worst cases of chronic sinusitis she had ever seen, put me on a preventative dose of antibiotics, and said that the other doctor was the crazy one for wanting to stick me on that! :dizzy: LOL!

Anyway, basically every spine doctor that I've been to has asked how I've been dealing with the depression. :rolleyes: That aggravates me as well because for some reason unbeknownst to me, I have been able to retain the exact same personality and energy levels as I had before. I am not sad, or tired, nor do I feel hopeless at all. Am I irritated? Yes, but since when did being irritated that no one will help you, make you depressed?

Please though, know that what I wrote wasn't me being defensive to your or annoyed with what you said... And I thank you very much for taking the time to write that. Rather I'm just trying to explain why that whole theory (which both this clinic and other doctors in the past) doesn't seem to apply to me. My pain isn't like lingering long after my injury was healed with no explanation as to why -- the injury didn't heal EVER, and no one knows how to heal it! :yawn: :-/

Oh, by the way, I had both Swedish and deep tissue massage, and they both bothered me. :confused:
IUfan, thanks so much for your extremely well considered response! :wave: I think that you pretty much understand what I'm going through on a whole, but there are some things that I have to clarify. ;)

[quote] I'm just an experienced patient and I just wanted to point out that like lfoster21 indicated in her (above) reply depression has many faces. In Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary the way they define depression is not just what we immediately think of when we hear the word it's [U]any[/U] state of "altered mood".[/quote]

That's just the thing though... my mood hasn't changed at all.

[quote]That includes stress and being irritated or agitated, plus insomnia.[/quote]

If every person who had any stress or irritation in their lives was labeled as "depressed," I honestly think that over 99.9% of people that I have encountered would be, at one time or another, labeled depressed. In my opinion and from what I've read, depression defines an ongoing, persistent "altered mood," and not just any altered mood -- one specifically pessimistic and as a "Mental illness characterized by sadness, general apathy, a loss of self-esteem, feelings of guilt, and, at times, suicidal tendencies. Depression is a mental illness. People experiencing it are sad, lack interest in everyday activities and events, and feel a sense of worthlessness," according to [url][/url]. Why is it so hard for people to accept that just because you have an injury, it doesn't automatically indicate that you're suffering from depression (A MENTAL ILLNESS). Sorry, but it takes a lot more than back pain to make me mentally ill.

Aside from this, I can tell you that I am actually NOT under much stress. My school work has been completely put on hold, and I am medically excused. I am receiving at-home tutoring, when I'm ready and can sit up again to do work, but until then, my work is being modified and I am not required to do anything. That being said, other than going to doctor's appointments, I can do whatever I want (of course this is somewhat limited by back pain), all day. I think that pretty much eliminates "stress" in my life. Am I irritated occasionally? Yes, but only when things that I find irritating are brought to my attention -- It's not a constant state, and perhaps surprisingly, I actually don't walk around disgruntled and yelling.

I can safely say that I am not depressed either. I'm sick of people trying to tell me that I just MUST be depressed. Why must I be depressed, I ask? Why is back pain automatically indicative of a change in mood? You really mean to tell me that not one person has maintained the same mood throughout an injury? If they have, I'd also like to know why it's so unbelievable for ME to have the same situation. If anything, my age and resilience would make me MORE hopeful and positive for a solution to this and to stay in high spirits throughout it, than say an 80 year old whose chances of recovery were slim.

[quote]I know you said that you can't sleep because of the sharp shooting pains that you get even when lying down (and that's the most comfortable position), but as you lay there in pain doesn't that set your mind to thinking about how you wish you had something to take to dull the pain just a little? And sometimes doesn't your mind wander and you start thinking about how frustrating it is to be having to endure this and how much you wish you could find a doctor who will listen to you and address the root of the problem as diligently as they are addressing the incidental symptoms? The next thing you know your mind is racing off in many different directions. You look at the clock and wonder how much more missed sleep can you take til you drop.[/quote]

Haha! This actually reminds me of something that happened last night. I was on the couch at like 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. I'd estimate, and my mother and I were watching television while I was trying to fall asleep. (I tried sleeping on the couch last night to see if it was more comfortable than my bed.) Instead of reacting negatively to not being able to fall asleep after 2 hours or so, for some unexplained reason I started laughing hysterically while my mother and I were still watching America's Next Top Model, and I started striking poses on the couch. I said that I could be a model for "Back Pain Weekly" and come up with a patented new line of "back-friendly" modeling poses. LOL After trying to fall asleep for two hours to no avail, I think that the average person WOULD fit your description and their mind would start wandering, they'd start feeling hopeless and agitated, etc., HOWEVER, I just don't. I can't explain it, and I thank God for it, but I am remarkably positive. My reasons for sleep loss really are that I can't find a comfortable position, and not that my mind is wandering.

[quote]With the way the government has cracked down on doctors where prescribing pain medications are concerned, about the only place you can get put on a regimen of pain meds is through pain mgmt drs unless it is blatantly obvious that you are in severe pain.[/quote]

Well apparently it is obvious that I'm in severe pain because 2 different doctors (one and E.R. doctor and the other an orthopedic surgeon) that I've seen within the last week have prescribed me Percocet, Codeine, and Darvocet. (I had allergic reactions to both the Percocet and Codeine... and even had to call 9-1-1... which is why I'm currently on the Darvocet.) It's not working in the slightest, so I've decided to just stop taking it and wait until I see yet another orthopedic surgeon (this time a spine specialist), to see if they'll call in something stronger or that is more effective.

Again, thank you very much and I hope that your back pain resolves soon as well! (Excuse if my post is redundant/doesn't make sense as I am in a rush to get ready for a Dr.'s appt... unrelated to my back though unfortunately.)

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