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I have grade 3 spondylothesis and scoliosis. My symptoms are hip pain and severe muscle weakness in my right calve muscle. I recently decided to get lumbar spinal fusion because my muscle calve weakness has progressed.
At times, when walking, my right calve muscle gives out on me. I'm able to walk and lift my foot upwards , but I cant use my calve muscle and i end up limping. I need to stop walking for 5 seconds before I can walk normal agian. After walking a half a block my muscle goes dead and I repeat my steps. This use to happen sporatically during the past 2 years and now has became persistant. I've yet to hear anyone with my case have the same problems. I;m lucky to not have back pain. However, I'm just worried that the true muscle weakness has to do with the spondylothesis. I've had xrays, ct scan, and a mri done to have the dr come up with my diagnosis. I may be in denial being that my muscle weakness is due to the spondy issue. I've had pain in my hip for years and I figured i have a pinched nerve in my hip that is causing the bottom calve weakness. BAsically, I'm curious if others have this issue along with spondylothesis. I was told that my syptom is called parthesis and not drop foot.
Also, I'm curious if I will be able to bend after recovery from a L5 lumbar spinal fusion. I like to stretch and I plan on taking yoga after.... but is that possible?

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