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Well after a few eeks I'm still having these problems, and now my backside has started bothering me..

and before I continue I just want to say I'm not making this all up, I get the feeling everyone was under that impression because no one replied.

This problem actually started three years ago, but I had it under control for the most part. Though not being able to sit for over an hour without being extremely uncomfortable isn't my ideal way of having it under control, but the time used to be shorter. Anyway, at the time I saw a doctor he told me this was basically something 'little old ladies' got, and suggested I just change my seating position a lot. The second doctor (who was much nicer) sent me to a physical therapist and it helped a little. But now all of the sudden it's back, and it really, really hurts to sit...

To top it off my neck is starting to hurt a lot too lately, the back of my neck has been hurting for awhile but now it's starting to hurt in front just below my chin. And my sides are still bothering me as well as my upper back, so much so sometimes I don't even eat anything I feel so horrible. I don't know what to do anymore, Do I need surgery, therapy, a chiropractor? I can't get in to see anybody right now and I could really use some advice...please?

Sometimes this all bothers me so much I just want to kill myself, seems old pains never go away and a new one pops up every few weeks. It's horrible, I just don't know what to do. I can't see this all ever going away.

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