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Hi Cancerhead and Krystig

First, Krystig I read your **** and have been thinking about you. Sorry to hear that your surgery was so complicated and I wish you a continued good recovery.

When I read your stories it reminds me of mine. I am 30 years old and I have had problems since I was 13 - confirmed by xray when 18 years old. I have from time to time had serious back pains but never pain in my legs. I have always been in great shape and been working out my entire life until age 23, and at moderate levels afterwards. I started 2 years ago to work out again, bike riding and running. Started to train for the Marathon BUT THEN IT HAPPENED!!! Everytime when I had been running for 2.5 KM then my left leg fell asleep, and I llost almost all control of the leg. After 10 minutes the feeling was back. It then got worse, everytime I lifted heavy things or even had sex it resulted with me having back pains for 3 days. At times I also felt numbness in he back of my lower left leg.

I started special training with a fysiotherapist (sorry for the spelling I am from Denmark), and that actually helped with the daily numbnes, as I could do some specific strecthes and the numbness disapeared. But that was all, I could not run, ride the bike or other fun stuff ;)

I was then offered surgery, L5-S1 fusion with allocraft, with my own bone from the back of the spine (like in Kristygs case (no hip). The surgery though did not involve any screws or cage. Instead I was to wear a brace or corsage for 3 months. I red a lot about the surgery and the risk was low and the particular surgeon had done these kinds of surgeries for 10 years. I decided to do it.

My surgery was on 29 Nov 2005, in the morning. The surgery took 2 hours, and the surgeon was very satisfied. I had a lot of pain, due to two reasons. Since I always have been an active person then I had very large muscles which suffered since the surgeon had to move these aside during the surgery. Secondly, my epidural was not perfect so my right leg was "dead", so they had to turn the epidural off. The first night my back really hurt, then I got some morfin and it all was fine :angel: I was walking already same day as surgery, but just a few meters. The day after it was even better. I could do everything, that did not involve bending. Sitting was a problem and I only sat when eating. I was released two days after surgery.

The first week was tuff, as I was soar in the back, eventhough I walked around at home and then laying in bed with my laptop, tv and books. 5 days after surgery I was off all pain meds, and started to take outside walks for 30 minutes one or twice a day. From my release I was doing small exercise two times daily, this has helped increase the stability of my spine. Two weeks after surgery my walks were for no less than an hour. Let me say I was doing great. Then I started to sit more and more, BANG it back fired!!!! so to speak :o

Suddenly I had numbness in my heel, back of my knee or back thigh depending if I was laying down, sitting or walking. It has stayed with me from time to time, and actually two weeks ago it was the worst ever. Currently I do not have any issues. :D I have been told that the numbness is most probably internal wounds located close to my nerves, and during the heeling process they will disturb the nerves. Hopefully they are right and it will go away. I then stopped sitting for longer periods of time.

On tuesday I am going for my check-up, and I feel very well. :)
I have already decided to start at work on Wednesday. 10 days ago i started to sit for longer periods of time. I can now without problems sit for a whole day, and have no pain at all. Now I am optimistic, and looking forward to my checkup.

It is difficult for me to state what your expectations should be. f you are in good physical shape then I think that it will be easier, eventhough my muscles was swallen for 2 months. For now I am satisfied, but my true test will be when I start running in a month or so. I will report to you again.

I hope that my "little" story has helped you, if you have any questions, I will answer them. :)

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