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i have a pain in my lower back. its located to the right of the top of the crack of my butt. sorta on the top of the curve of the right butt cheek. around that region bone it hurts terribly when i sit for a long time then get back up. i think its my new chair becuase ive only been getting the pain ever since i got this chair. i can still stretch and move normally but its just a stinging sore pain in that region, sorta like when your lower back begins to cramp when you run. I think it might be the bone there that has a problem.
Its where my tailbone is, and on the right side where it hurts the most. I also get pains sometimes running down the back of my lower right leg. The pain then subsides and it begins to feel as if it was burning,then cold,sorta like a pins and needles affect =(.

im 16 years old play football and lift weights and run alot. Any idea of what it can be?

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