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I recently went snowboarding and had a couple pretty hard landings off good sized jumps on my heels. Because of landing in that position I couldn't really bend my knees and all the force from landing was shot right up my spine and ended up hurting my upper back right where my spine is in the area between the shoulder blades. At first it was pretty painful but then it eventually went and I didn't really worry about it.

That is until the next day when I stepped up on a bench about 1 foot and a half off the ground and then stepped off it. Upon stepping off, the force from me coming down on my foot caused a very uncomfortable amount of pain right in the same part of my spine. The pain went away pretty quick but I could still notice that it was a little sore.

About an hour and half after this I went for a run. I was worried that running might cause pain every step but luckily this didn't cause any extra pain to my spine. That is until I took a deep breath. When I breathed deep I felt a very sharp pain in that same part of my back. In fact I couldn't even take a full deep breath because it hurt too much once my lungs expanded to a certain point. (This was only while running, I can breath deep just fine with no pain when not running) Oh and the pain was only when my foot hit the ground while I was taking a deep breath. Otherwise while in the air there wasn't any pain.

I'm guessing that this pain was caused by the combination of pressure on my back from my feet hitting the ground hard and the pressure of my lungs against that spot. So having described this I was hoping that someone here might be able to make a conjecture about what type of back injury I have.

I'm afraid that it might be some type of disk injury due to the extreme vertical force applied to my back when landing hard snowboarding but I'm hoping it's just some strained or injured muscle tissue in that area.

Any help anyone could provide would be very beneficial. Thanks.

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