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Wow, okay so I am now 4 months post-op from A T10-L1 spine fusion. I havent been on these boards in 2 months because I thought I didn't need it anymore...y'all know how it is. I just started going back to school, and work. Work is great, my boss is a little overprotective, you know, don't do this, don't do that. I'm a vet technician so obviously no picking up animals, or bending over to file anything. And hey I lucked out with school, I have the same professor for 3 out of my 4 classes and he is just a few weeks ahead of me on post-op back surgery. He helps out by letting me sit on the side where I can stand up, and walk around if I need to. He offers to bring in a big, soft comfortable chair in so I don't have to sit on one of those stupid small hard school chairs. But I still haven't started physical therapy. I still can't bend, it sucks. I was a hardcore cheerleader and gymnast for 15 years. Now I see all my friends working out and competing and I can't do anything! I mean the pain is better but not by that much. My school is 45 minutes away (because thats the only one I can go to to get my registered vet technician certificate, which is a registered nurse for animals). I'm still on the same pain pills I was on before the surgery,and once I start physical therapy I'll be taking more. I'm taking 4-8 mg of Dilaudid every 6 hours and 10 mg of Flexeril. Once I start PT we're upping it to 12mg of Dilaudid. I'm sick and tired of being left out of my sports, I've lost friends because I'm not active in our teams anymore. And its hard to drive far away to watch a competition and sit at an all day, or all weekend competition. I've done it twice since my surgery and it's hard, I end up taking extra pain meds because I'm hurting. Plus I'm still having horroble side-effects from the meds. Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, ughh! Anyways, anyone have advice or a kind word, drop a line! Thanks

Ash :wave:

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