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Hey, Ladies: Sorry to hear what you are going through, but I find some solace in knowing that I am in your club. I, too, had the same symptoms. It started with pain in my hip about a year and a half ago that was really annoying. It went away after a month or two so I thought it was bursitis or something like that. Then I had what I can only think of as a "sciatica" attack for a few days. It went away too. Then my lower back started hurting above my tailbone shortly therafter....but it didn't stop hurting. Then my legs....then the tops of my feet and my big toes. Long story shorter, I have a large central herniation at L5-S1 (it was just a bulge before I was in a stupid accident a few months ago) and I tried everything, including 3 epidural shots. I hear they work for some but they didn't last too long for me.

The WORST part is sitting all day at work. I wanted to chime in that I bought a kneeling chair and it did help some. You can find them on line or in places like Staples or Office Max I think. Also, for the leg pain I have gotten Lidoderm patches. They're a topical anesthetic and pretty helpful. They are very expensive, but if you have insurance it might be worthwhile to ask for them. I put them on my back or my legs and can wear one or two at a time. Three is the limit, but when I tried three I had side effects like blurred vision.

For sleeping, lying on your stomach is good if it helps or on your back with your legs propped on pillows.

Bullun -- good look finding out what's wrong and I hope that it's nothing serious.

Sandin -- I wonder all the time why this happened to me but haven't gotten any answers! My grandma had osteoporosis and my mom also has problems so I guess there is the genetic element. I am only 37 though and had my first experience with disc problems at 29 and a surgery at 30. It doesn't seem right! Nerve pain is really a drag and I often feel like an animal in a trap that wants to chew it's leg off to get away.

Thanks to all for posting. I also thought I had period-related back pain for ages. Thank heavens for these boards!


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