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Morning Girls,
Well we got back Mon. night and the pain was kinda bad so rested and went to bed VERY early, thinking Tuesday would be better but NO it was worse, I thought I had made a VERY bad decision :confused: I took 3 extra pain pills yesterday and 2 muscle relaxers during the afternoon, lots of pain. Today I woke up to much better feeling, I'm sore but not so painful, only the injection sites hurt. They said it might take a week for it to really start working, hope it gets better than this. I did also try to get an appt. for a new primary Dr and it will be JUNE 1st before I can get in to see her, hope I can hang on that long.
Your hip pain Sue sounds like what I had the first 2 weeks after surgery but it was at the hip in the back, Surgeon gave me a steriod shots right into the spot and it never came back. Hope yours is better and yes we do whatever it takes to feel decent through the day Elavil or whatever, it's been kinda raining here and the humidity sure makes me worse, so take the muscle relaxer's more when it's like that, which is VERY rare here :cool:
Hope all is well Carol with your Mom, have a good day girls, hope to get back in the swing of things soon. Hope your day is as pain free as possible. Tomorrow.........

OKIE46 :wave:
Hi :wave:

Carol, sorry to hear your mom isn't doing well. I pray she is comfortable and for your family. :angel:

Hope all are having a good weekend! I feel the Lyrica is now working well. I seem to have adjusted to the sleepiness. :yawn: It have really helped with the nerve pain, but so did the Neurontin. I think I have made another turn towards getting better. I have quit taking the Flexeril and I only take the Vicodin about 1 every other day. I either need it first thing in the morning or late at night. I've been having problems with my [B]right[/B] hip (the nerve being compromized was on the left). I'm not sure if this is from overuse or what. I do tend to put my weight on that leg/hip. I get scared that something might be going on on the right side now. :eek: But the Lyrica doesn't take away the pain in that hip so I don't think it is a nerve. The Vicodine doesn't touch it either. Ibuprophren seems to help it so it must just be inflammed. Who know's :confused:

I had a strange "spell" last Thursday. I lost some sight in my left eye. It was like a had a hole in my vision. My cheek then got numb and tingly and I had pressure in my head. (no headache) I called my doctor and he ordered my to the ER ASAP. My BP was 150/120. The did a CT scan, EKG, and some blood work. All came out fine. The DR. said it could have been the "aura" before the onset of a mirgraine or TIA (mini-stroke). I had and MRI on Friday and Monday I go for an ultrasound on my arteries in my neck. The doctor is certain it is mirgraine related. I didn't realize you could have migraines without headache. I know I do get quite a few headaches but I didn't think they where migraines. Wish me luck on my test results. Unfortunately there is no test for migraines, so they have to rule out everything else. My doctor also said it could be the Lyrica. I'm on a pretty high dose (150mg 2x's day). But he said if I was going to have a reaction to the med. it should have happened in the first week.

Sorry for going on and on! :rolleyes: Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!! :wave:
Morning gals....hope you're doing better today too Okie. The ball of my right foot has been killing me the last 2 days. I started sleeping on my left side again - i had stopped because of the pain in my shoulder, but my whole right leg/hip/foot hurt - I think it's helped, but now (of course) the shoulder hurts (last 2 fingers numb, pain under shoulder blade. SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!!! :dizzy: )

Our weather went from 90's last weekend to 60's and rain this one Guess I'll get out the raingear and brave a short walk.

Have a good weekend all.....

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