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Afternoon All,
I've had a VERY busy day, feel like crap, so slow getting everything done. My pain has come back about 60% in my stomach but a week or so is better than nothing, PLUS my feet are on fire today AND my right arm is numb and 3 fingers are really bad. It's one of those FALL APART days :confused: Don't know why, just everything hurts today, tomorrow HAS to be better, Hubby is hurting today too, so maybe it's post vacation pain catching up with us :eek:
Carol I sometimes have my tailbone hurt if I sit too long in a bad chair or just twist the wrong way when sitting, if stays too long, better see someone, I've adopted a 3 day waiting period before calling anyone as so much has to fall BACK into place, so try to get past it , if possible. I take a muscle relaxer and chill, but if you have family or a job, it hard to get past those things, HANG in there, someday we WILL be better :D
Sue sounds like this could work into a good thing down the road for you, I do know about the $$$ thing, I'm lucky that they are keeping my Disability check going, I couldn't make that much if I went back to work as it would be parttime as well. Do you think you could work 40 hours? I did good on vacation, going strong but not sure I could do that DAY after DAY. HARD TO KNOW WHAT TO DO BUT YOU ARE YOUNGER AND STRONGER THAN ME, SO STRIVE FOR IT :confused: Hard decisions, but staying home is crappy in many ways.
Tomorrow you guys, hope your day was good...........

OKIE46 :wave:

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