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Hello everyone I havent been on in a while since it is very painful to sit at this computer more than 10 minutes. It has been 6 weeks since my fusion surgery at l5 s1 area and I can say I can walk better, without limping but my pain is terrible at times if I have been on my feet long or sitting long. I have been having severe groin pain, hip and leg feels like it is dead weight. I dont know what this is, the nerve trying to heal? I havent been sleeping all too good either. My short term disability is up on April 9th and I dont know if the doctor is sending me back to work or what, As how I feel now there is no way I can sit long at my desk job of 20 years, I and my back are not ready for this. The incision is really sore also..does anyone know how long it takes for this to set up the fusion, I had cage, screws, rods, I wish that nerve pain or whatever is causing that burning sensation and numbness to go away or when will it. I am still on pain meds and soma and I have been gaining weight.

Does anyone have any answers or experiences like this after a fusion? And of course the financial uncertainty is gnawing at me. I dont know if I should apply for SSD or wait until the doc tells me what to do. Your kinda lost at words with this stuff sometimes so I hope I am making sense to you. After my first surgery in 2000 on the same area I dont remember this much agony afterwards but then again that was a laminectomy not a fusion. Any insight and has anyone heard from 360 fusion I was wondering how he was and quietcook how she is doing to and of course all you other wonderful friends of mine. Hope to hear from you and I hope all is well with the post op peeps too!!

Love and Hugs
msmona :wave:
Thanks Carol and Carol, yes I did tell doctor about the pain, I shall see him tomoorw. I dont know why I cant sleep good and the incision site does hurt too. It was about 9 inches long. I still have that groin,hip and thigh and leg symptoms so I will ask him whats with that. Lately my bottom of my feet feel like weights too. Thanks for writing, how long was it before you were released to go back to work? I dont know if he will send me back and then I have the neck issue(that pain and numbness going down my arms into my shoulders at nite) that could be whats waking me up too. I dont know how long he is going to wait to start looking into this since I have told him this several times, over the phone and at doc office. I know they say one thing at a time, first the fusion then the neck but I am wondering how long he is going to wait to check this out. I did have neck exrays (regular) and have not gone for MRI yet I have a time in that open scan with that neck thing on makes me feel like I am stuck in there>>possibly anxiety for sure I dont like those open mri's either, but if thats the only way they can find out whats going on that I shall do it. As I said my short term is up on April 9, so I assume I will go on long term disability if he says I cant work yet?? Alot on my mind these days..............I can see me going back to work and then going backwards in my recuperation period. Just the thought of sitting at the computer long scares me. Ten minutes is the max here after that I am in trouble, spasms, pain bad in butt and thighs OUCh so I have to go now and keep writing I love this board..and thanks so much, hope you all are feeling well also.

msmona :angel:

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