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I am so sorry that you are going through all of this with w/c. I too fell at work, 2 hairline fractures at l4, herniated disc etc. Although it has been a long road, I am here to encourage you. W/C originally accepted responsibility (lucked out...1.when I fell, my supervisor was standing next to me and 2. When he drove me to the ER, he stayed until the Dr. had seen me and so he could talk to the Dr. [Silly me, I believed he was staying to make sure I was all right...he was staying so that he could be handed thr Dr's report. Was he suprised when the Dr. wrote 2 fractures as the Dx.:)]) Every thing seemed to be going my way w/o a lawyer. I was being sent a check (a small one, but something), they were paying for all my Drs. visits etc. When I was told that I needed a surgery, I decided to get a lawyer because I was now going to be out of work for a long time. At first, things got worse, I still got my checks, but they were fighting to not pay any Dr. that I went to. It was very discouraging as you are now seeing.

Here's the good news: The reason W/C was so nice to me and paid everything w/o the lawyer was 1. I did not know that besides them filing w/ w/c, I personally had to file a report with the state otherwise at the 2 yr. mark, the company would not be responsible for the accident anymore. They were being nice to me, knowing that in less than a yr. they would be done with me and there would be nothing I could do about it. 2. The amount they were paying me was less than they owed me and I had no way of knowing that and I wasn't asking for reinbursments for gas to the Dr. and to pick up rx's. With the lawyer, not only did she take care of all the past mistakes of the company...but even when they fought to not pay for my 2nd surgery...(and it took 7 mo. of fighting), when my case was put on the docket to be heard by the state...they said they pay for the surgery and anything else that pertained to it.

I know it seems like once you got a lawyer things went down hill...but in the long run, I think you will be glad you did. The company is nicer w/o one because they know there is a lot they can get a way with. When you go to the Dr's, how do they know you have a lawyer? I have never told my Dr's that. I am careful when I talk about something being covered by w/c to just mention them and not my lawyer. (People, esspecially Drs., do get nervous when you mention a lawyer---for good reason:) )

Also, the radiologist that wrote "no fracture" long after your fall was that? Hairline fracture heal w/o treatment usually. My has healed and the only way my Ortho. knew about it was a year later after my surgery, he compared the Xray from when I fell and the films of post fusion and he noticed where a part of the vertabrae had more of a bone than prior to surgery. He asked me then if I had ever fractured my spine. (By itself, prior to surgery, he could not see the fracture because by the time I saw him (6 wks. after the fall), it was almost completly healed. He noticed it only when he had a 2nd film a year later to compare it to.

I too have lost just about everything. I have no insurance left, no savings, no family to help, and no husband to work. I get food stamps and use a food pantry for extra help, and I use the county clinic. I have never mentioned that my problems are from a work related injury to the clinic. So, the treatment I get there is not biased. If and when your case goes before a hearing, the states Dr. (who is more on the side of the patient than the company) will look at the films and not just the reports. So, make sure you have all your films. When you find out that your are on the docket for the hearing, you may only have a week or 2 to get all the medical records and films to the state. Make sure your attourney is aware that all the company's Drs. have refused to look at the he/she can make the states panel aware of that fact.

Good luck and I will pray for a turn around situation for you.

Lorie :angel:

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