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Hi Scott, I had many steroid injections over the years and I had one actually last 2 years. I want you to understand that by getting the injection if you have a buldging disc the shot may work well for you but you also have to remember that the disc due to wear and tear is weaker. The shot may reduce the swelling but the damage is still there. After my 2 years of relief my buldging disc became herniated and I needed surgery. I have 2 micro d's on the L4 L5 disc last one being in Jan of 04 and its buldging again and just had my first injection since the surgery, It has reduced the pain some as long as I am not on my feet for more than an hour. I'll be going back in a month for the 2nd shot. As far as the pain of the shot, If the disc is swollen and there is pressure on the sciatic nerve you may feel more pain from that nerve. The shots I got before my surgery hurt so much and didn't help anymore and surgery was my last option. Best to try anything before surgery, Before you get your shot it's best to lay low and ice up to reduce the swelling as much as possible it will be alot better. My last shot was a piece of cake, all I felt was a little pressure and in 3 minutes it was all over.

Good luck,

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