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I can't tell you which way is better, to have the laminectomy first or both together. My daughter was having severe lower back pain, along with terrible leg pain that eventually went to tingling in her feet. First her dr was just going to do a one level fusion of L5-S1 with hardware for her grade II spondy. After the tingling began and he sent her for an mri the stenosis was found. So at that point he decided to do both the laminectomy and now a two level fusion. He's a pediatric ortho so he pulled in his adult spine specialist to assist.

She is 9 1/2 months post op and is doing fabulous. Her pain has disappeared and the legs no longer hurt her. She went from not being able to sit or stand long to sitting all day at school without any problems. Last year she spent each night lying on the heating pad after school. This year she is off and about all the time.

We had three opinions, but at that time the stenosis hadn't been diagnosed yet. Each of her ped orthos suggested fusions. She is doing great, but that may be because she is only 16. Or as I forget 17 in a few days. Best wishes making your decision. cas
Thanks to all who posted. In my case, the laminectomy would be to correct the stenosis. I have a very mild herniation at L3-L4 which apparently isn't the cause of my pain. Bionic, after reading everything on these boards, I do not feel I am anywhere near as bad as most. I can't stand for more than a few minutes before my leg gets tingly and then numb, all the way down to my foot. However, as soon as I sit down or lie down, the pain goes away as does the numbness. And the pain is less than it was during the fall. The sciatic pain does keep me from doing everything I used to do, but it sounds to me like surgery often just makes things worse, or you then need additional surgeries.

My internist really believes that if I lose 30 pounds and build up my core muscles, it will be enough to take the pressure off. So I am spending almost all my time in physical therapy, aqua therapy and am working with a physiatrist. I joined a club where I can swim (on my back) and walk in the pool, as well as use various machines. I don't feel any worse and I haven't really been doing it long enough to know if it is helping. I've given myself a deadline of June 1st. If I'm "the same" at that time, I will consider having surgery. Does that sound like a good plan?
Thanks all. I really appreciate all your postings, on my question and across this board....Cynthia

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