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Hey, Scbxmom,

Thanks for all the info. I am definitely going to get a grabber. I should have bought one ages ago. My latest purchase is a special orthopedic pillow to put my legs on which has helped some. I was using the cushions from my outdoor furniture but I think now that spring is here I should return them to the chairs. I saw those toilet seat raiser things in the drugstore and almost bought one for after my surgery but decided to wait and let my hubby buy it if I needed it. You know what they say -- denial ain't just a river in Egypt!

My hubby will be home for my surgery after all. It is really sad, but his mother died today so he will be home in a week or so after he mourns with his family. I am so upset that I can't be there for him right now. Other relatives are flying to Israel but I am stuck at home. He understands of course as does everyone else but it hurts to know he is suffering and I can't be there to give him a hug.

I am trying to work up until the surgery but it has gotten really tough to go in. I had a meeting with my boss yesterday and ended up crying in her office. She was very understanding but it was still embarrassing. They are letting me work at home as much as I want but even that is hard right now. The pain is driving me nuts. I know it will be better soon (and replaced with a new kind of pain for a while of course) but it's still so frustrating. I took 2 Vicodens already today and have Lidoderm patches on but it's not enough. My friends keep inviting me places but I can't go anywhere that involves sitting. Standing for long periods has also gotten hard. Come to think of it so has walking! Some of my friends have dropped in to see me and helped me with stuff but I hate to ask for help and figure I can do stuff myself as long as I do it slowly enough. I find that if I need to get anything done I have to do it early in the morning before the pain gets too bad to do anything.

I guess I'm just letting off some steam so thanks for listening. I am very excited at the prospect of this leg pain being gone -- and the back pain too would be nice. Lately the tops of my feet have gone from tingling and hurting to getting numb so I look forward to feeling them again. It is upsetting that this problem has gotten so bad so quickly but at least I have no doubt that surgery is the right thing to do.

I hope you and everyone else at these wonderful boards feel better soon. And thanks so much for your support and sharing your stories.


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