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Re: Back Pain????'s
Mar 31, 2006
Welcome California Ann. WHen I read your story it sounded just like mine so I had to chime in.

I had a c5-c7 fusion in 1999 and several years later the disc above herniated. By the way, I heard that it was not unusual for that to happen because of the additional "work" the disc above has to do when you fuse two cervical discs below it. I was distraught and afraid of having to have another surgery, but luckily I was able to handle it with PT and suffer only occasional flareups.

Fast forward a couple of years and I started having pain in my hip, back, intermittently in one leg. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc and did physical therapy which helped a lot. Three weeks before I was to be discharged from PT (and feeling pretty good), I was in an accident which further herniated the disc. Now, 5 months later, I am going to have another fusion at L5-S1. My pain is in both hips, butt, both legs, down to my feet and won't go away. I have tried just about everything imaginable treatment-wise for 5 months. I'm only 37 and I can't sit down for more than 15 minutes without horrible pain. Going to work is a nightmare some days -- I had to lie on the floor in a meeting yesterday because I couldn't stand any longer.

I don't mean to scare you, but just wanted to echo the others here in saying you should get this checked out when you can. I totally understand wanting a vacation from the pain and health issues. When I first started having hip pain it went away on its own and I didn't even go to the doctor about it. When I started having back pain, I didn't even mention the hip pain to the doc because I didn't know it was related. As I am sure you already know, you are your own best advocate and it's great you found these boards to get some support. They have helped me tremendously. Good luck!


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