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Dear Betsy, I also have facet pain (L4 and L5 both sides), and have ITB and hamstring pain. I have had many injections in facets, epidurals at L5, and in October had a rhizotomy (nerve burning) on both sides L3-L5. Recently the rhizotomy started to wear off, so my physiatrist did facet injections again last week. My daughter is going for surgery next week, so I am postponing another rizotomy until she recovers. I noticed after he injected me last week that I had some tingling down the back of my thighs,but maybe it was just a side effect of the injections! When you said "encroachment," what did you refer to? I also have a bulging disc at L5 with a slight tear, so it is confusing sometimes to me what is facet vs. disc pain. My doctor feels that the bulk of my pain comes from the facets. Kera

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