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Hey all! This is my post post in this forum. I'm 28, have fibromyalgia, TMJ (surgery x 5), RSD in my TMJ's and face. I'm also a student, starting nursing program in 1 month so I'm really in a rush to figure out my problem. Here's the scoop: 1 month ago I had to have a reconstructive eyelid surgery and after the surgery had to sleep propped up for about a week. About 1 week post-op I sat down to play the piano and when I stood up 15 minutes later had a sharp pain in my low back/hip area (left side). I went to the chiropractor that afternoon, twice the next week, and twice the next week with little relief. Finally I saw my regular doc last week who said it's probably a muscle problem because it comes and goes now and isn't constant anymore. She gave me muscle relaxers and NSAIDs and said to see how it goes. I'm not getting relief. Sometimes I'm fine and have no pain, and then WHAM. It's like a knife being pushed in right above my hip. I'm still seeing the chiro.
Has anybody experienced this? My parent's both have had disc surgery, but everybody says I'm too young for that, and the pain doesn't really radiate down my leg like it normally would for disc problems. Just trying to get to the bottom of this. Also, this morning I tripped and fell on my hand, spraining my wrist. Normally I could have caught myself, but my back just wouldn't let me.

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