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Thanks for the info. I have had an xray at the chiropractor and he didn't see anything of note. He gave me a general schedule for adjustments but said there really was nothing to adjust..I hd a very slight discrepany in my hip 'heights' but he didn't see anything.

Since my last post I have still had intermittent back pain...this is the longest I've had it without a break ..about 2 1/2 weeks straight now. today I woke up ok, was sore by lunch, went to the movies and was uncomfortable I can barely stand up long enough to get Easter dinner on the table and I am NOT looking forward to sitting at the table for any length of time. This is the most painful it has been in a while. All on the right side some throbbing when not moving and lots of pain with certain positions. Arching the back hurts the most like with my hips and shoulders back and the back arched a normal morning stretch would look.. that hurts the most.

i just don't know what to do about it... My husband has a hiernated disc and they haven't been able to much with has improved over time without surgery at this time but nothing the drs did helped him other than telling him what it is (after 3 MRI's)

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