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Increased pain
Apr 19, 2006
I have posted a few times previously, but have been reading all of the posts from everyone else. Geez, do we all have a pain in the back (or Neck) or what. Sorry, have to use humor...Seriously, I have a new problem, and need help. I have an appt. at the Mayo on 5/1....but this is causing me a lot of pain right now....(called my P.M. Dr. yesterday, and they will see me tomorrow) In the meantime, maybe someone on the board will be able to help me out - or just tell me that this is a normal progression...(pain, to me is not normal though) (there is that humor again....hey, laugh or cry)

ok...last MRI saysdd of lumbar spine most prominent at L405, focal left lateral disc protrusion...marrows left nerual foramen and abuts exiting L4 nerve.
Mild narrowing of right neural foramen at L2-3...resulting from disc bulge

PROBLEM: I had been experiencing pain in lower back into outside of right leg, ankel and foot...patchy numbness and stabbing pains....Dr. said I should not have pain on right side....
Left side of lower back hurts too..but just ached in area to outside of shin...numbness over top of foot...and toes....

NOW: wow, the past several lower back is realllly realllllllly hurting, have bad pain down right leg...and left leg is hurting more....have a lot more numbness going on in areas I didn't realize.... almost burning pain.

I have been taking hydrocodone 10/500 up to 4 times a day...(have problems with meds.) Up to this point, they have helped, reduced or almost eliminated pain....Not the last several days....just barely touches it....not nice.

I normally avoid shopping...vacuuming etc....but last week I had to hit a couple of grocery stores and wal-mart....on Fri. and on well as the dreaded vac.....Then on Sunday I cooked dinner for 8...I didn't do a lot of the clea-up...but by then I was hurting....have had to spend the last few days basically as a couch potatoe or in bed...feels like a lot of pressure in my lower back as well as the increased pain...when up or sitting.

Has anyone else had this type of increase in pain...from just doing a little shopping?

Sorry this is so long...

Hope that you all have a better day...

Thanks for any answers


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