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I had a L5-S1 discectomy August 3, 2005. Prior to surgery, I had severe sciatica down my left leg into my foot, numbness, tingling... I tried pt, 4 ejections before surgery - no relief. I had no success from the surgery. I now continue to have severe sciatica pain along with the back pain from the surgery. About 4 weeks post-op, I started PT. I could not continue with PT because the stretching exercises caused tremendous pain. The therapist was getting nervous and suggested I stop the PT. I have had a post-op MRI which showed scar tissue wrapped around the S1 root sleeve. I have had 2 injections since my surgery with no relief. I have had a MRI on my hip - it was normal. I am scheduled for a myelogram to see if that picks up anything the MRI couldn't. The only relief I get from the pain is from my meds - Vicoden ES (3/day), Ibuprofen 800 (3/day, and Lyrica (3/day). I hate being on all these meds but that is the only way I can function each day. My surgeon said it can take a year to heal but I haven't seen one hint of relief since the surgery. Has anyone else experience this? I am so tired of this pain! Is there something else I should be doing?

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