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What now???
Apr 26, 2006
Hi everyone~!
I went to physical therapy on Monday for my upper back, which has been hurting since the beginning of January, and after 9 visits, the therapist and I agreed that therapy really isn't working, so I am finished with it. At this point, we still are unsure of what is causing the pain. I have had bloodwork, x-ray, MRI, bone scan...everything has come back normal. I did not injure my back in any way, it just started hurting one morning. Most of the pain is just to the left of my spine, right above the bra line. I have seen 6 different doctors for the pain, and go back to a physiatrist (NOT a psychiatrist) tomorrow afternoon. He told me at my last appointment that if therapy didn't work, the next step would be injections.
Can anyone tell me what kind of injections it would be?? I am very hesitant about getting injections. Are there any other options besides injections? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! I will post tomorrow after my appointment with an update.

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