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Well they can do anything they really want to do . If you have not had a BRC hearing or a CCH hearing then they do not have to approve anything at all. Still if you do have to go to a Contest Court Hearing a CCH and you win it , then they still dont have to approve treatment , they cannot stop you from going to the Doctor but they dont have to approve the treatment so whats the use of going in the first place. This happend to me last week, went to a appt that I had for three weeks and sat there for a hour then called my name and told me the ins will not pay for the vist or treatment said my doc did not submit enought info with is pure BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a long long long drawed out process that is pitfull! As far as the pay goes ahahahahahah
I went from May when I got hurt to Jan of the next year before I got paid and I had to go to two BRC hearings and then to Contested Court Hearing were there is a judge and he ordered them to pay me my back pay which really didnt amount to a hill of beans because you only get 70% and then the Atty gets his 25% out of that so go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also if you are in pain and you are not sure you are ready to go back to work dont GO!!!!!!!!! Because if you do , you are proably gonna get fired if you filed Comp! I have been thru all of this in a years time. I got hurt and the next day called in and told them I was going to the doc and i had to file Comp they tried everything in world to try to get me not to file it but I was hurt and hurt bad and I knew it, so they told me to make a appt with a doc which turned out to be the one I was going to any way then they figured out they screwed up and they went to the doc's office and made such a A$$ in his office that he cancled my appt with out me knowing so i go and they tell me all of this and that my appt was cancled so i go to the workers comp lady of that hospital and she see's iam in pain and tells me she is going to try to get me in to see another doc so i wait all day and then she comes and tells me she cant get me in to go to the ER room so i do and they xray me and tell me I have big problams with my back and i needed to make a appt with a speiclist, so the next day i tell my work and they are nearly cussing me out saying why didnt you anwser you cell phone we tried to call all day yesterday to tell you we are not letting you go to that doc we are sending you to our doc ahahhahahahahaha well it was a hell of a fight on the phone so I went to there doc and had to have help getting into the office he taps my knees checking my reflexes and tells me to stand up take a step foward and one back and tells me iam fine you are going back to work tommaro hahahahaha
I tell him to stick it were the sun dont shine and as iam walking out of there i see my safety man running out of his back door office and i am trying to get to him he is running down the hall with the relese paper in his hands and i cant stop him , so i leave there and go to my doc were he puts me off work indefenly well the safety man thought i was coming back to work the next day and so what they done was aready send in my termination papers to the head office they fired me and i wasnt even back to work yet hahhahahahaha
well i never knew they fired me till six months later it came out in CCH hearing ahahahhahahaahah boy my lawyer thru the book at them and the judge nearly fell out of his seat and the look on there faces when my atty came out with that termination paper that he some how got i still dont know how with all there signtarues on it aahahahhaahha . Man this is just the tip of the ice burg here for me they have sent PI's filming my house and me and everything else. I still have not gotton to see a real spine speiclist due to them dening me! Its a damn joke is what it is. I wish you well but what ever you do dont go back to work if you filed comp unless you are fully well cause chance are high they are going to fire you with in the week if not the day!


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