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Hi Shawley-
Sorry about the news. I had a fusion L4-5 in March 2005 - My recovery was rocky and except for a brief period of bliss in the fall - I have had continuous pain and a loss of ability. I have done a huge amount of research, have studied my own xrays and MRIs and I still could not tell you what a good fusion would look like. I never found a single example on the web of an image of a fusion (either xray, c scan or MRI).
BTW - I had all of these diagnostics done at 12 months and the reports all said non-fusion but my surgeon wasn't convinced - said it was all inconclusive. I went for a 2nd opinion and that doc didn't think it there was any doubt AT ALL. NON-fusion. Interestingly, the hospital report says by looking at my xrays across time, it is clear that the bone fusion that was put down 'posterolateral' become resorbed and was nearly completely gone! But when I look at those xrays I can't tell from Adam what the difference is. Tricky stuff.
I can tell you that it is standard not to call it a non-union or failed fusion until 1 yr post-op. Don't know if any of this helps. Best of luck - Suzy-Q

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