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I think it's great that a doc would put you ought for an injection. I had 3 different pain centers do the injections and none sedated or knocked you out.

They hurt and they more swollen you are the more they hurt, because the swelling keeps the medication from getting through.

But other than the 1st one i had, which was god awful (1- because of bad swelling there and 2- because I didnt tell her she was hurting me so badly). After the 1st injection, it took me over 20 minutes to get to my car, and it only took 4 minutes to get in the office. Found out at the 2nd injection she could have numbed me more and I should have said something. I told her I thought it was supposed to hurt like that.

The second one. she numbed me so well. I didnt feel 1/2 the pain, more discomfort and I went to eat in a sit down restaurant afterwards and went shopping too.

Had 4 more after that over the course of a year. Some offered relief others not. Like the pain you have with your back, you get used the injections too.

I also had SI injections and they are more painful tha epidurals.. as there is nothing to numb other than topical for the skin. So they just go straight in. Ouchy! But it if helps.. it's worth the short discomfort for the relief it can offer.

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