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I posted several weeks ago about my L5-S1 DDD that showed from an xray. I took the advice from a couple of responders and got the MRI. The results were pretty much the same. Shows DDD in the L5-S1, L4-L5, and then also in the T11-12. It is all a bunch of jibberish to me but the Ortho Dr. said basically just arthritis with a couple of the discs having a small contained herniation...nothing pinching a nerve or anything. They said the T11-12 is moderate to severe. Said the only thing to help is exercise/therapy.I know the report says no spinal stenosis and the spinal cord is normal in size, shape and intensity. It mentions that all facet joints are intact. It mentioned spondylotic spurring and reactive bone marrow changes that result in local kyphosis in the lower thoracic spine.

I guess my question is this. I am not in pain 24/7...of which I am greatly thankful. But would the diagnosis stated above cause the pain that I do have? The pain that I have is sporadic and I never know when it will come on. I have to always be on my guard when I am starting to sit down, when I begin to get up and when I start to get out of a car and when I go to lie down in bed. If one of those times, the pain comes, it just shoots across the lower back like a spasm and I am just froze there until it subsides, which is usually about a minute or so. Does that sound like the pain is coming from DDD or the results above? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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