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On November of 2004 I was running on treadmill for a stress exam which was a requiremnt for a law enfocement position. While running I could feel my feet slamming on the treadmill and felt a sharp pain in my right buttock. I didn't think anything of it at the time. A couple of days later the pain increased and my right leg started going numb and felt like it was on fire. I went to the ER and I was told I had sciatica and it was due to a herniated disc.

After two months the symptoms subsided and I felt good enough to go through a police academy. While at the academy I was running and I felt the same pain again. Once again I got the numbness and burining pain. I was sent to an orthopedic doctor and he told me the same thing as the ER doctor: herniated disc. I had an MRI done of my back and the results were negative. He sent me in for an MRI of my hips and glutes to check for piriformis syndrome: negative.

I went to my primary care physician and he told me that the bulge might be pertruding when I sit, walk, and run, not when I am lying down while in the MRI machine. A chiropractor told me I have a disc tear thats oozing fluids that are highly iirritating to the surrounding nerves and that MRIs don't pick them up. The chiropractor suggested a motion MRI and a discogram.

Since Nov 2004 I've had the following symptoms: Pain, burning, numbness, spasms, denervation, and muscle atrophy of the right buttock and right calf.

Has anyone had sciatica [B]without[/B] any physical abnormalities on an MRI?

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