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Upper Back Pain
May 31, 2006
I have been having upper back pain for over a year now and pain in the neck area.
I have been to several different doctors and the one i am going to now says that he thinks i have artheritis in my upper back the thoractic area.
They have done the EMG nerve test on my neck and whole back area and i have had 2 mri's done.
I am on long term disability through my job, i have no insurance to keep going to all these doctors that i was going to before i lost my insurance.
The main reason i am sending this is to find out the symptoms of artheritis. I am not sure i really have this, i am just going by what my nurologist is telling me, he acts like he is not really sure what i have.
For the past few weeks i have been having the worst pain in my upper back when i eat or drink really cold foods.When i drink a milkshake for instance, the pain is so awful.
I have to call to make another appointment whith my doctor and i am gonna tell him about this new symptom i am having.
I just don't understand this pain at all.I know there is something wrong and i am just worried .
I am on ultram for my pain which really does not help.
Thanks so much ! Karen
Dear Maurice and Karen, Let me know how your appointments with your rheumatologists go. I have been going to a rheumatologist for 5 or 6 years or so. We have tried a lot of different anti-inflammatories, prednisone, etc. I have arthritis in the knees too. You might ask about the anti-inflammatory called VOLTARIN. I have found it is the only one that has relieved my back any. In the past I have been on Vioxx, Ibuprofen, Relafen-non of them touched my back except Voltarin. Anyway, I do think a rheumatologist is a good help with making a plan for treating arthritis. My rheumy is the one who referred me to my Physiatrist, who has been wonderful with the injections/nerve blocks in my back. Good luck, and take care, Kera

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