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Well I havent been on in a while and how is everyone? ANyone know how Lori made out. I havent been all too good with my pain after my surgery. True I can now walk but the thigh and leg pain is so bad. The doctor is sending me to neurologist. I have been waking up every nite with the pain so bad I can not move my leg and at times it goes numb all the way to the foot, I was driving to therapy(aqua) and I could not feel the gas pedal. Along with all of this they sent me to a pain mgt and she did a emg and said something wrong in my neck. My arms and hands go completely numb and the pain there alomg with the leg pain is not making for good sleep.

I read the Dr Sarno back books they were interesting but I wish my pain was from the TMS and nothing else. I am still out of work and now they have denied my long term disability (doctors say no work but dont fill out the proper documentation) so on top of trying to heal myself I have been without a paycheck in 7 weeks. Alot to consider being I am the only working one in the family, my son is 13 too young to go to work. LOL Well I do pray alot on things and that helps. I dont know what the leg thing is since it was there before the surgery but nothing of this magnitude now. They gave me neurontin and double up at nite time and it made the leg worse, so I am lost to whats going on. I had L5-s1 fusion with cage and partial laminectomy at l4-l5. Hoping this is just a time thing and I will recupe down the road here sorry so long, I wonder how Lori is and Mamakitkat and MY queen friend where are you all and to all the new people dont go by my experience for the surgery EVERYONE is different and I still fair better now because I can walk )before I could not walk at all) so keep an open mind and be assertive in your care thats for sure! ANy opinions on my leg pain let me know and thanks for reading.

Love msmona :)

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