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Hi! Had a X-ray done Wednesday just picked up my report. My Doctors office is already closed :-( i am dying to find out what all these medical terms mean.

Little history. I have had severe mid back pain since 3 weeks now. Went to chiropractor first it helped a little but came right back next day after i went. I did that 4-5 times going to him. After it didnt really help i went to doctor wednesday who had ordered a spine xray. I knew i had some disc problems.
This pain is terrible it is mid back shooting to my shoulders and I dont know if its related but since yesterday also my left lower back radiating to my left hip.

Here are the report results and I HAVE No clue what it means or if its BAD or what further treatment could possibly help in this case:

[B]Findings:[/B] Three views of the cervial spine reveal straightening of the expected cervial lordosis. There is mild anterior osteophyte formation at C5-6 and C6-7. Some disc space narrowing is at C6-7 and mildly at C5-6. No fracture is identified and the odontoid process is intact. Disc space and height is preserved at the other cervical levels and facets apprear unremarkable.

[B]IMPRESSION[/B]: `1. Straightened cervial lordosis suggests musculoligamentous injury or sprain.
2. Disc space narrowing and anterior osteophytes at C5-6 and C6-7


[B]FINDINGS[/B] Three views of the thoracic spine reveal some straightening of the expected thoracic kyphosis, which suggests musculoligamentous injury or sprain. No fracture is present. There is preservation of disc space height throughout and vertebral body heights are maintained. No fracture is identified.

[B]IMPRESSION[/B] Straightened thoracic spine suggests musculoligamentous injury or sprain

SO CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN these "chinese" words to me???? :D Not only do I not understand the doctor english but am german who JUST became a US Citizen (by the way) and still learning english :-)

Thanks so much everybody,

Hi Manuela.. First I want to make sure that you had an Xray and not an MRI... I ask this since an Xray cannot see any disc bulging or herniations if any.... Xray can see bone, and also disc height...

Based on your report, you have mild ostephytes which are growths of bone that sometimes pinch a nerve if big enough... Musculoligamentous injury in both cervical and thoracic spine mean that some muscles and / or ligaments that connect to and support the spine may have been injured, causing the spine to be "less supported".. Not sure what is causing radiating pain... Could be muscle spasms...

Did you have an accident, even a while back? Sometimes, old injuries come back to haunt you.. Do you do alot of lifting perhaps?

Perhaps physical therapy can help strenghthen your muscles to support back.. Not sure if surgery is an option.. Whatever you do, please see a spine specialist (neurosurgeon or neurologist that has completed spine fellowship).. Not a family doctor or general practitioner..

I hope everything works out for you..


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