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Hi Andy,
I'm reallyl at the very beginning stages of diagnosis. I've had back pain for yrs now but dealt with it by laying down if I did too much. Now it's at the point where it hurts when I wake up, stand on lines, sitting, etc. My hip is off, lumbar, thoracic, shoulder blade, up into the neck. Physical therapist had no info to go by as to why I was there for my evaluation. All I had on the script from my dr. was mild scoliosis.
we hadn't recieved the results from the x-ray prior to the referal or the eval.
so she taught me two stretching excersises, made me lay on moist heating pads for 15 min. to prepare for the stretching, set up more appts till insurance won't cover anymore.
I don't know if PT can help osteoarthritis and I'm assuming this is due to hereditary because of my age. In previous posts I've mentioned how horrible my mother was afflicted with sometype of bone disease but she'd never go for help and until she fell down in her bdrm and broke her hip did the bone surgeon find out the extent of damage the disease had caused. her toes were literallly twisted where we found it almost impossible to find shoes that would fit her feet. We found a particular sandle that she had to wear even thru the winter months, plus her knee cap had disindegrated and she never replaced it or the hip because she felt she was too old.
she stayed in that wheel chair for 7 yrs. in her house, stubborn as ever and never complained. personally, I would have gone for the surgery. theres people older than her that's had replacements and it be successfull.
as you can tell, I'm still aggrivated over her decision in the last yrs of her life with us.

so the point I'm at right now is that I have to wait till next week to see my pt for the 2nd visit and my family dr said if the pain persists after pt, to see him for a 6 week follow up and then he'll order an MRI or refer me to a bone specialtist.
he referrrs me when he knows he can't treat me.
thanks for your concern and I'll keep you updated.

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