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Hi Lisa,
Happy you made it home to your place like home!!!! Please, don't over do and hurt yourself.....let yourself heal.....the work will wait for you...too much invested in getting the back better, now you just have to be patient. Walk and rest...enjoy as much as possible, cause the real world will be waiting for you soon!!

Oh geez, my appt. didn't go good.....had 2 mri's in the morning along with the x-rays. Had to wait until the afternoon to see the dr. He says the last time I was there, my reflexes were abnormal in both my upper and lower body. This time, (I was on my pain meds this time), the upper were better, but the lower was still off. I didn't get a look at the mri & xray reports....he says he doesn't see enough to operate on at this time....he thought there was compression in my spine cause of the reflexes being off....he now suggests that I have an mri of my thorax area - he said that he has had a couple of patients similar, and that is where there problem was. I do not have any pain in the thorax lower back, down my legs and feet (and I do have herniations, and one is touching a nerve in my lumbar area - in my neck I do have some spurring & protrusions also, at least that is what my other mri's have said. (had an acdf at C6-7 1 1/2 yrs. ago) He just handed me the mri request slip...said I could do it in my area... I just basically felt awful...I have pain...lots of it...I have to take oxycodone to help it, it helps, but doesn't get rid of it totally. I actually was almost crying....I asked him about the diagnostic tests he talked about the last time, and he basically brushed me off.....didn't suggest what was causing my pain..... I am kind of discouraged,....have an appt. with my pain mgmt. dr. next Fri., he's a good guy, so he will have Dr. N's report and copy of the mri's then.

oh well, another day etc. Take care, so happy that you are doing well.


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