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I recently started experiencing lower back pain and noticed a hard golf ball size lump on my lower spine. The dr ordered a lumbar spine xray I was diagnosed with Spondylolysis and Grade I Spondylolthesis. The x-ray report did not mention anything about the lump and the dr said the lump appears to be in the same region as the spondylolthesis (L5 over S1). I was wondering if anyone else has also had a lump that has spondylolthesis and if so, what did the lump turn out to be. I don't think my mind will be at ease until I know what the lump is . I want to request additional testing such as a CT scan. This may be unrelated but I also have reactive lymph nodes in my neck that popped up about 2 months ago and have not gone away. I am 32 years old and otherwise heatly. I am very concerned about the lump on my back. It is so large that when I bend over slightly, it can be seen by the naked eye. I have not been able to find any information regarding protruding lumps as a result of spondylolthesis and I am concerned that perhaps the lump occured first and caused the fracture and slippage in my vertabrae. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you. :confused:

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