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Hi all. It's been a while since I posted. I am completely frustrated and being torn in 20 million directions. I'll summarize what I have had done and what is going on afterwards.

- 1994 - Lamimnectomy surgery; Lumbar spine
- 1995 - Stenosis of cerivcal spine; surgery
- 1997 - "Flatback syndrome" of lumbar spine; surgery w/instrumentation
- 2000 - "Kyphosis" of the cervical spine; surgery w/instrumentation
- 2005 - Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant; Leads in Thorcic spine
- 2006 - Peripheral Neuropathy of the arms and legs
Other complications:

- 2003 - Blood clot of left leg surgery
- 2003 - Diabetes Type II blood sugar 1600 when diagnosed
- 2003 - Was in kidney failure required dialysis treatment
- 2006 - Diagnosed with Kidney disease; born 1 kidney;
- 2006 - The kidney I have only functioning at 25-30 percent
- 2006 - Pancreatitis with pseudcyst
- 2006 - Currently trying to determine how to treat the pancreatitis

Now here is the additioinal problem. I have been complaining of thoracic problems on and off now for years. MRI's were done and did show problems at the T7-9 levels. I can't recall the exact levels but there were numerous levels involved. The pain that I would experience would go from mild to severe but would not occur frequently.

But now I am having mild/moderate pain but on a more regular basis. I am getting worried. I have instrumentation from C3 to T4 levels already and from L2 to the iliac crest area. I don't think that I can or should have more instrumentation put in. I would then have instrumentation of the entire spine. And that would cause even more mobility problems.

Plus the surgery for the thoracic area from my understanding is extremely complicated. There is the issue of getting past the ribs, deflating the lung and the heart is in that area too. So it is a nasty surgery.

What do I do? I have been thru Physical Therapy; aqua therapy; epidurals which did nothing. I have been on various medications from Ultram, Zonegram (spelling ?), Neurontin, Oxycodone, Cymbalta, Amitriptyline and what ever else that I have forgotten about.

I am frustrated beyone belief. My spine problems have been going on since 1988. The worst really starting in 1993 I guess. I am tired of it. I know I will never be pain free. But how many more problems can there be and what can be done for it.

I discussed having a spinal cord stimulator implant put into the cervical area, but the doctor said it can't be done. There is too much hardware in the neck area and no place to put the implant. And he did not recommend removing the hardware since taking it out is way to risky. Removing the hardware he felt the risk was too high for paralysis. He felt that no one would touch me.

So help me what do I do at this point. Any suggestions?

Thanks for listening. I know this was a long post but I feel helpless.


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