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Hey Carol, yes and so are you! Thanks for asking!

I overdid it big time Friday & Saturday and going to bed is scary and is often when my muscles lock up.

Friday after PT, i went to my other house we are rennovating a bit for curb appeal to sell it. There I taped and mudded some walls where I could reach and stetched a bit. So was sore from that along with PT.

Saturday, I go back again (I can't help it sometimes.. it's my nature to do things and move around). This time.. I decided to do some caulking, sand some trim around a window and restain and urethane it.. then decided to do the same to a new fireplace fascade. The window i did, had two blind hangers that i unscrewed by hand as my power tools were at our newer home we live in now. I think that torquing on those.. up like that.. really did it, then holdling the sander.. up there too.. just not used to using those muscles.

So long story long.. hehheee.. Im SO SORE!!!, to the point of pain. So I am taking it easy.. taking more meds than usual, icing, rubbing down with biofreeze, using lidoderm patches.. heat patch on my back leg for spasms there. And so far.. it's keeping things controlled.

I go back for PT tomorrow with a new lady I have not had yet.. so I need to let her know what I did this weekend and ask her not to contort me tomorrow but do some ultrasound and electrostim and call it a day. hehehe.

The PT is helping me to regain some control over my muscles again, that I have not used in 3 years (this PT is different than all the other PT i had prior to surgery). The PT has already retrained me to remember to squeeze my lower ab muscles when I do things. I am doin this all the time now, without thought, so it's progress for me. I WAS extremely fit and worked out every day on different muscle groups before the injury (at home with no equipment.. just body sculpting with proper floor exercising). I was a size 4.. now a size 10/12 depending on the clothes. I will get there again, just have to do it slowly and differently going forward. I am being very optimisic here about this.

To add to my torture.. Last week, I told my boss i would try doing two full days and one half day this week. This should be interesting to see how i do with all that and cram in another PT session on the 1/2 day I work too. Hopefully wont send me over the edge. (I am not doing any more work over at the other house all week, though I keep fighting my brain on this one a bit.. then the pain.. refreshes my memory. hehehe. Plus going forward.. I now know.. there are things I just can not do and someone else will have to do those.)

Since I started the PT.. i am feeling better, maybe stonger is a better word, as my boss noticed a difference in the way I walk and carry myself overall. I noticed that myself. My mom said I sound more chipper than usual too. So here's to PT solving my woes hehehe.

Sorry for being so "type-chatty" tonite! How's things with you Carol? I see you have been cleared for PT now. What's going on in your world and with you? Take care gal.:blob_fire Tammy

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