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Hi everyone. I figured I'd post and introduce myself after just finding this board.

I have been suffering from lower back pain for atleast 12 years. I am currently 30yo. In school my back used to throw itself out and I would not be able to stand up straight. Usually my back would be stuck out to the left hand side and bent forward. This would happen every couple of months or so and take a few days to sort itself out.

After leaving school I started my working life. The career path I chose may not have been the smartest given my back played up every now and then but being young and stupid I figured a few days off every now and then wouldnt be too bad for my job. So I began my career in the Waterproofing industry. This industry meant fairly heavy lifting, sometimes over lengthy distances, lots of bending, crouching, twisting whilst bending and crouching etc etc. You can imagine what that ended up doing to my back. I did that job for 10 years in total. The job was pretty demanding and in the beginning my back was going out every few months. As time went by it got more and more frequent, sometimes not bad enough to warrant my taking time off but other times I could hardly stand up for days at a time. Eventually it all came to a head when crawling on a balcony sweeping I got this excruciating pain across my lower back that put me on the floor. Somehow, in agony I managed to finish the days work and rang my employer on the way home from the site to let them know I probably wouldnt be in the next day. I never returned.

Over the next few days my back got better but I started developing some severe pain in my left buttock and upper left leg. So bad that I could only stand walking about 3 steps before I had to lay down from agony. Whilst laying down the pain was minimal. After seeing another doctor I was told I was getting sciatic pain and the ball was put in motion to diagnose my Spondylolisthesis.

I never worked that industry again and spent nearly 2 years on workers compensation rehabilitating and getting back into the work force. Eventually I found a new career and am enjoying the new beginning.

The emotional pain felt from this sort of injury (and i'm sure anybody with debilitating back pain feels the same way) is terrible. I used to be fairly active and play sports. Ive given up sports for fear it will set off another back spasm. You look at others doing simple things and you find yourself wishing you could be that normal and able to do similar things. I dont know what it must feel like knowing you can lift heavier things and and do a decent days work without having that worry in my mind that I will pay for it. This in itself makes me feel less of a man. I now have a 14 month old and a newborn. The 14 month old is a little boy and I am becoming more and more aware of my limitations with him and how I will be limited in future years. He weighs more now than my doc says I am supposed to lift but I refuse to stop picking up my kids. My most recent flare up I am still getting over. I happened just a few days ago (which is why I am here). My wife gave birth to a baby girl. I had to not only look after our 14 month old but also make trips to the hospital and chase after the 14 month old whilst at the hospital. My back couldnt cope and went out pretty badly. I just had to grit my teeth and get through it as I was not stopping going to the hospital to support my wife. I am just recovering now! I know I shouldnt feel this way and I know it isnt rational, but when my back is at its angriest I could really just give up on life. I feel so terrible not only pain wise but emotionaly and I think of myself as hopeless and useless.

Other than when my back went out working that finished my career, the worst time was more recently when it went out so bad I could not move let alone stand up. It happened in our kitchen. Pain so bad I had to lay down on the ground immediately. I did not move from that spot for over a day. Eventually I managed to crawl/drag myself into the bathtub hoping a hot bath would help. I could not get back out of the tub and had to call my brother in law to come around and drag me out.

Anyway. Thats enough about me for now.

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