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Hi Everyone,
I am Sandi and am 12 weeks post L4-5 lumbar fusion with rods and screws. I am not doing quite as well as I hoped to be after all of this time. I had the severe pain when trying to stand up for a few weeks after the surgery. It would take my breath away and I would be "stuck" between sitting and standing until it passed.
The first month was the worst as far as the surgery pain went, I had developed an infection that was pretty persistant for three weeks after I came home but finally went away.
Then I developed some major swelling on one side of the incision that was about 6 inches long. It hurt like heck too.
I started PT three weeks after the surgery. So far, it has not gone well. I am still trying to endure the TENS unit , and that so far is the extent of my "therapy".
I also have a complete Left Foot drop now, and newly revealed nerve damage/compression at L5-S1 that I am not sure how they plan to treat at the moment. :eek: I still have pain in my butt, lower back above and below the fusion, burning pain in my feet, muscle's been a long road so far.
Gosh, this apparently became my official whine post.........sorry about the thread jack, I just wanted to add my hello to the others. I am a mom of 4, two girls 13 and 11 and two boys 4 and 6.
:wave: Anyway, hello everyone, nice to meet you all.

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