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The aching might be nerves. After my fusion my left leg was uncomfortable for a while because the nerve that was being pinched off was starting to wake-up as my surgeon put it. Stretching is very important. I had a lot of problems stretching out my hamstrings after surgery and my pt place was concerned because the lower back and hamstring tightness are not a good combo because it pulls the pelvis causing back pain.
I am glad to hear that half of you is doing well! :) As far as the pain in your right leg, I do hear that stretching will become one of your best friends! Did you have the right leg pain prior to your surgery? And if so, is it worse or better then before surgery? Was the previous pain pins and needles and now it is achy? Just trying to get a handle on what I might expect after the surgery as mine is in a couple of weeks! But, definitely focus on that easy will probably help with the tense feelings you are having! Sorry if this is not much help...

Best Wishes!

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