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hi everyone,
last night i fell off my horse when we were showjumping. i landed quite harshly on my lower back. it was extremely painful and i couldnt bare to walk for about 5 minutes after it. i did get back on for about 5 minutes which was probably not the best decision but anyone that rides horses will understand why and i could ride even though it was with a lot of discomfort. when i got home however i took a look at it and there is a major sort of lump/ extreme swelling around my lower spine and once the adrenalin wore off i got pain like u couldnt imagine!! it hurts to sit down or to move my right leg and i cant walk at my normal pace.
it has happened before however and there was a small lump in the same area that never went away prior to this fall and i never got it checked out properly but now it is much much worse and painful. so basically what i was hoping is if someone could tell me what exactly this lump might be? and would it be harmful to my health? also is it more likely to be muscular swelling or a vertebre out of place? i will go to the dr's today because im just not risking anything with my back but any opinions would be appreciated, cheers

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