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[QUOTE=zeroman]there is another disc that is supposed to have a replacable insert if it wears out but Im not sure what it is, I just know that the Charite ADR isnt that type.[/QUOTE]

Zeroman you are correct in everthing you said.. just a note the Prodisc is the one that has the replacable insert.

Littleruckus I have had dual level ADR with the Charite disc. L4-5 and L5-S1. At first I had very high hopes and my recovery went well. I work in a manufacturing plant and was able to return to work and did work full-time for about 6 months. The bad part for me, and I don't know if there are others who had the same condition as me, I had facet joint tears at both levels pre-op and they apparently didn't heal. I am now off from work again because the facet joints (the boney wings at the back of the vertebrae) have gotten worse, the tears that is. I still have good flexation and want no part of the fusion alternative. My Spine Surgeon has offered me some hope with a procedure called Dynesys (flexible rods anchored to the vertebrae by brackets with screws) and I am still looking to find out more info about this and the longer term results. I first heard about the procedure from a spokesperson of the Stenum Hospital in Germany several months ago. The rods are supposed to stabilize the spine. Hopefully it will take the pressure off of the facet joints so I can at least do the necessary things for myself without the excrutiating pain.
I have read testimony from another site of a gentleman who went to Europe and had the Prodisc ADR at 3 levels and is doing remarkably well.
I can't say if your situation makes you a good candidate for either disc but it is certainly worth looking into. I would strongly suggest that you contact an Ortho/Neuro who is specializing in the Artificial Disc Replacement procedures. Remember what Zeroman said... the long-term info here in the States is limited and I would say that most Ortho/Neuros are still on somewhat of a learning curve especially with regards to post-op conditions.
My prayers are with you and wish you all the best. One other thing that you can do for yourself is investigate and become the most informed patient you can be!:wave:

All the Best!

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