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Hello all,

I recently joined the boards and have posted once. Basically I had laminectomy w fusion and instrumentation L4/L5 on 6/19/06. Everything was going well until the 11th day post op when I began to have bilaterally leg nerve pain. It took until this past Friday to convince the surgeon that I felt something was wrong and that my pain wasn't normal post op pain. He ordered at CT scan and MRI (MRI isn't until next Tues).

Here are my CT scan results.

[COLOR="Blue"]FINDINGS: There has been a prior L4-L5 posterior spinal fusion. The pedicle screws at the L4 level are both intact. However, pedicle screws at the L5 level extend into the prevertebral soft tissues 13 mm. on the left and 3 mm. on the right. This is the potential cause of pain. Interbody graft material is seen at L4-L5 and is unremarkable. There is a Grade I anterolisthesis of L4 on L5. Laminectomy at the L4 and L5 level is appreciated. The pedicle screws appear to abut the iliac vessels bilaterally, however, there is no adjacent hematoma to suggest any rupture at this time.
IMPRESSION: Extension of the L5 pedicle screws into prevertebral soft tissues may represent the cause of patientís pain. No evidence for hardware failure or other complications.[/COLOR]

If I am reading them right, I have 3 concerns.
1. Why is the screw sticking out nearly 1/2 inch on the one side poking my soft vertebreal tissue?
2. Why is there Grade I anterolisthesis (one disc laying on the other) if the screws are supposed to keep them away from each other an aligned?
3. Should the screws be hanging out and abuting the iliac artery? Can't this cause a blood cot or rupture?

Please give me your opinions. I can't call the surgeon as he has not gotten these results yet and probably won't until tomorrow. (Again, I snuck into ther computer system and got them because I work there).

I at least feel better knowing that I am not inventing this pain or losing my mind!

Should I be concerned about activity level at this time? HELP

Appreciate any input.

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