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I am 49 years old and had surgery the end of March for an L4 L5 Herinated Disk. At that time I was having extreme pain down my leg and some lower back pain. Surgery seemed to go well. However, over the past two months I have had lower back pain that is getting progressively worse. I called my doctor's office because I could barely get out of bed yesterday and was told that my most recent MRI was normal so I should not have any pain. To say the least, I am extremely frustrated. My primary doctor is giving me Darvocet for the pain, however, my surgeon will no longer help me, because he feels he did his job and I am not having pain. Tonight I have extreme pain in my right lower back burning down to my right leg. Has anyone out there had this problem? Before surgery I was able to do a moderate amount of walking, now I can walk for 3-5 minutes before the lower back pain is so bad I have to sit down.


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