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I agree with all the above posters' comments. DUMP THE DOC! Doing nothing is not providing you with any relief.

As to what it could be is anyone's guess this early on. Xrays show nothing, you still have the pain, so it's time for more involved testing. Next would be an MRI or CT Scan (which is painless.. it's just imaging). This might tell them more if they can see something going on.

Have you also called your gynocologist yet? You might want to rule out any female or urinary issues going on as well. But the pain radiating into your knees.. is a thought it's not related. (I had to get fully examined 4 times through my back trauma..and low and behold during the last 3 years.. the MRI showed a cyst on my ovary.. which was so large it was putting alot more pressure on my lower body, increasing my sciatic pain). So you never know.

This is one of these times when you have to check all and "rule out" as you go.

Did they give you anything in the meantime to possibly ease your pain?? Such as anti-inflammatory or pain med?? The doc should have at least done that for you. IF he/she did not, I would put a call into the nurses there at the office.. tell them you are dying and having trouble functioning, taking care of your child is labored.. and see if they will CALL IN a perscription for you for pain and inflammation.

THEN... get on the horn and FIND A NEW DOC. Seriously.. you have to take charge of your body and the treatment you receive.

IF you have a PPO insurance, you should be able to see a specialist right off (an orthopaedic would be a good place to start). But if you have an HMO.. you will have to get an appointment to a GP first before they will refer you. But whatever accomplishes the goal is worth it.

I hope you are on the mend soon so you can enjoy that time with your baby. Take care. Tammy:wave:

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